May 8 2013

How to choose running shoes

Choosing the right running shoes can be the difference between a comfortable run and a uncomfortable run. The last thing that people usually want to do is exercise and the more reasons you have to not do it will make you more likely to actually not do it.

It is therefore important to pick the right shoes for your feet. When you purchase shoes, you can usually go to an expensive shoe store who will give you all the right advice however they usually charge a lot more for their shoes. If you’re not willing or can’t afford expensive advice and shoes then follow these simple tips.

If you have flat feet then look for a wide shoe or a show with very little arc support. If you have a high arch then pick a shoe with arch support. If you have a regular type foot with a small arch then most shoes will fit you fine, just don’t pick a wide shoe or shoe with arc support.

Shoes can be purchased cheaply online. Places like Styletread offer great deals and a Styletread coupon will often give you $20 off your purchase.

Mar 21 2013

Further investment in The Iconic by Summit Partners

One of the fastest growing internet clothing retailers, The Iconic, have been successful in securing further funding from Summit Partners, a US based investment firm. The funds will be used by the company to further accelerate the company’s plans for rapid expansion.

The investment from leading equity investor Summit Partners is in the amount is $25 million and will come via the German holding company called Rocket Internet. This further increases the investment in the company after investment giant, J.P. Morgan last year pumped in $19 million into the company.

Summit Partners chose to invest in The Iconic because they saw long term value in the company and that they were thrilled to be investing in the company.

With the funds, the inevitable question is whether the company intends to expand to overseas markets. Managing director, Finn Haensel, has commented that that may be a strategy in the future however in the short term they were looking to shore up their local operations.

The Iconic offers a great range of clothing and will also frequently make available a Iconic coupon for you to use on your purchase.


Mar 21 2013

Vistaprint – a powerhouse in the printing industry

One of the biggest success stories in the move to the web world for business to business services is Vistaprint.

Vistaprint is a pure online only provider of printing and promotional material. They are also expanding into other services scuh as business and consumer marketing services. The company is now ranked in the top five fastest growing printing companies in the US and is the in the top ten largest printing companies.

The company has been able to achieve monstrous growth in revenue with 2012 coming in at 1.02 billion dollars and a growth of 20 percent over the previous year.

Although online only, the company is a big employer with over 3700 employees around the world. They have offices and printing facilities all around the world as well including Spain, Australia and Canada.

The company is starting to make a huge push into the Australia market with some aggressive pricing. The company often distributes a Vistaprint promo code to encourage more customer take-up.

Feb 26 2013

How to select the right foundation

The makeup regime can be daunting for a person that does not know the ins and outs of applying makeup. Picking the right foundation is an important aspect of the makeup process and there are a few key rules to follow when selecting the right foundation for you your skin.

Before you make any purchase, be sure to test the foundation on your skin first to make sure it’s the right one for you. Many department stores will apply the foundation for you so that you can get a feel of it.

If you have oily skin, make sure you look for a foundation that indicates that it is oil free or mattifying. These are the ones that are suitable for your skin. On the other hand, if you have dry skin, you need a foundation which is hydrating or moisturising.

When choosing the colour of foundation, you need to find one that matches closely to the colour of your skin. This ensures it’s enhances your skin rather than overwhelms it.

If you’re looking for great skincare options, check out the SkinCareStore who have a great range available. Look out for  Skincarestore coupons as well to get a awesome deal on your purchase.

Feb 18 2013

Visiting Hawaii

One of the best places to visit  if you want to relax on a golden beach with the family is the beautiful island of Maui.

Maui has beaches that are considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and the island is voted the best island in the world more often than not.

Maui is a big island so you will need to hire a car to get around. Budget car hire have some great deals on the island and even better deals if you have a Budget coupon. If you’re not interested in getting around by car, there are lots of shuttles, tour buses and other forms of public transport available.

To get to Hawaii, you will need to get a passport as it’s a part of the US. The island is warm for most of the year so you need to bring summer clothes and bathers to swim in the beautiful sea.

Feb 17 2013

How to choose the right frames

How you look in glasses strongly depends on the glasses you pick. Picking the right frames is important because many do not realise that the shape of the glasses you choose should be based on your face shape.

If you have a face with a strong jaw and square chin then frames that are likely to suit your face are oval or round frames. Do not buy frames which are square in shape as they enhance the squareness in your face.

If you have an oval shaped face then you are probably in luck as most frame types suit this face. The only type of frame that you should really avoid are frames which are over sized as they may look too big for your features.

If you are a person with a round face then try rectangular glasses as they will make your face seem longer and thinner. You should not wear frames that are round as they make your face look rounder.

Another option if you can’t find the perfect glasses is to buy contacts and avoid glasses all together. Buy contacts online now is easy from stores like Clearly Contacts. It can be a lot cheaper as well as you can often get a Clearly Contacts coupon for your purchase.

Feb 13 2013

Apple will make $1 Billion from Google this year

There becoming the biggest rivals in the technology industry but putting competition aside, Google will be giving Apple 1 billion dollars this year.

It’s an interesting situation as Apple does not have it’s own search engine so it offers to put other company’s search engine on for a fee. Google, being the most popular and richest search engine, has come up with the cash.

The deal that Google and Apple have is that Google will pay Apple for each device that is sold with Google as the default search engine. The popularity of the iPhone and iPad over the past few years has meant that this figure has increasing dramatically.

iOS has proven to be a good investment for Google since 80 percent of the revenue that Google receives from smartphones originates from iOS devices rather than Android devices.

Google have striked a similar deal with browser companies such as Mozilla, who receive nearly $400 million from Google in fees.